Whip-up…BBQ Spuds!

Spud Tastic

Spud Tastic

Now that school is back in action, I like to make dinner as simple and delish as possible!  This is my own little creation… I think it is pretty Spud-Tastic (yeah I said it)!

What you will need (makes 2):

1 Russet potato

1 Trader Joes Pulled Smoked BBQ Chicken (3 servings. pre-made… heat and serve) OR…you can boil a breast, shred and add BBQ (try to get a NON high-fructose BBQ)

1/3 C. Shredded Cheese (his gets s little more- I do about 2 pinches on mine)

1 C.  Coleslaw mix

1 TBS Dion’s Ranch (DUH!?)

What I do:

1. Make a baked potato (mind blown yet?)

2. Heat up the bird

3. WAIT…

4. Cut the potato (each person gets half)

5. Add a little butter (optional)

6. Add chicken

7. Add Cheese- let it melt

8. Add 1/2 C Coleslaw to each potato

9. Add the dressing (1/2 TBS Ranch on each)

10. Nom that business… ENJOY

I would say this dinner is right around 500 calories (maybe a little less). About 150 for the potato, 140 for the chicken plus the additional fixings add around 150.

Hope you enjoy!!




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