Style Whiplash… DIY Gel Mani

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CONFESSION: I LOVE polish, but one problem it doesn’t love me back. It never fails, I polish, topcoat, etc… and it still chips 1-3 days after! UGH!I had tried gel polish, but was not happy with the price tag attached. So, I did a little research and decided to get the Sally Hansen Gel Nail At Home Kit. I purchased the “Shall We Dance” color set. With it being $49.99, I figured hey- WHY NOT? I like the color, it is a very soft pink. I added a coat of “Karat Cake” on top (purchased for ~$10.00).

P.S.I also have the black- LOVE IT

photo (1)



1. Start with a clean, dry nails- clean with alcohol swab

2. Apply top coat to 4 fingers, cure in LED

3. Apply 1 coat of “Shall We Dance”- cure in LED, and repeat

4. Apply 1 coat of “Karat Cake”- cure in LED

5. Apply 1 coat of the “Top Coat”- cure in LED

6. Wipe down with alcohol swab

7. Repeat on other 4 fingers, then thumbs…


I also found out something amazing… you can remove with warm water!

So, when one nail starts to lift i just soak and can gently  (i.e. nail bed in tact) remove WITHOUT ACETONE! WHAT!?

Then, I just fix that one nail or two that needs it.

So, save some money and have an awesome AT HOME GEL MANI!

Happy Monday!

xo Ashley

Where to buy:


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