Whip-up…A Tea Latte



RING!!!! SNOOZE!!!! Time to wakey wakey!

Yerba Mate to the rescue! One day while shopping at Trader Joe’s, the cashier commented on the, dare I say…5 boxes of Earl Grey Tea… “You like tea huh…? Well, have you tried Yerba- Mate”- I had not… He was going on and on…and I figured if anyone was THAT passionate about a drink- then I needed to try it! So, checked out, and went back to the tea and coffee section. I went home, brewed a bag, and now I am HOOKED! I am no doctor, no nutritionist… and I know with it being a herbal drink there are pros and cons. I can speak from personal experience that YES- it does help with weight management, YES- it does give you energy, in a not jittery crash kind of way. I have done research on why Yerba Mate is good for you. So, if you are a caffeine junkie like me step away from the coffee and give Yerba Mate a go.


1 Bag of Yerba Mate (Organic Trader Joe’s Brand)

1 Bag of organic Earl Grey or Green Tea- or heck both if you like to mix teas

(Let seep for about 5 mins)

1 TS Sweetener of your choice (recently tried Teavana sugar- BUENO!)

1/4 cup Unsweetened Organic Almond Milk- love Kroger brand

Enjoy warm or served over ice.



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