Style Whiplash… Tartan and Leopard


I remember back to when I first saw polkadots mixed with stripes and I thought “WHAT???”. Of course I had to try it! I am now totally on the bandwagon for mixing different patterns. My newest mix is tartan and leopard. Now, for those that know me, you know I have been rocking my leopard long before this whole “leopard is a neutral” business came along. I have had a love affair with leopard dating back to my childhood. Now, I know that rocking two patterns like tartan and leopard can be “SCARY” but here is how to rock it like a champ.

1. Solid canvas: so for me I went with a long basic black top and burgundy pants.

2. Accessories : I went with basic gold for my jewelry, basic shades, and a basic black and gold bag.

3. Shoes: now, I went for a smaller pattern subtle leopard shoe, if you do this make sure the leopard isn’t too overwhelming with the jacket. If you want to play this a little safer go with a light tan bootie or a black bootie.

4. Pattern: now put on a killer leo jacket and throw on the tartan scarf or you could go for a plaid patterned jacket with a leopard scarf.


I would love to see what mixing of patterns you are bringing to the table. Feel free to email me your whiplash of the week!

Enjoy xoxo



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