Style Whiplash… Cozy Sunday in Style

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I don’t know about you all, but SNOW equals me wanting to stay inside! I was so so excited we finally got our first snow. The flakes were gorgeous, and it was just amazing. Sad thing, is that, our snows never stick around very long. But, the snow got me thinking- what do I love to use around the house when the weather is to chilly to go outside. So, I rounded up some of my necessities for having that perfect cozy Sunday inside.

I love a great pair of PJ’s, and I have always enjoyed the cute sets at Target. I also think these PJ’s make an excellent gift. I love giving a good pair of PJ’s! There are so many cute ones to choose from, and they are on SALE! Socks are not one of my favorite things to wear, but they are important on a cold day lounging. I absolutely LOVE these sweater socks. They are adorable, and are a perfect accompaniment to a great pair of PJ’s.

I often get chilly in the evenings. So, I bought a faux fur throw last winter, and I cannot say enough amazing things about it. I love that it is warm and comfortable, not to mention it looks so chic draped on your couch. Every night Jeff and I enjoy a cup of tea. We absolutely LOVE the different mugs that Starbucks has to offer. I really love this studded one, and it is even better in person! Our new favorite tea that we have been sipping is Allegro “Happy Tummy”. I love Allegro’s Teas because they are organic, and they offer a great flavors. This tea is perfect because it has a subtle mint flavor. So what are you waiting for? Cozy it up!!

So, here is to YOU having a fantastic cozy Sunday!

Enjoy xoxo,


Links are HERE:

Target PJ’s”:



Starbucks Cup:,default,pd.html?start=1&navid=cups-and-mugs



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