Style Whiplash… Worn-out Skinny Jeans

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My most favorite pair of worn-out skinny jeans are from Target. I had held off on investing in a pair of jeans with holes…well because who spends a lot for something with holes already? I was lucky enough to snag a pair of jeans at 40% off- HOLLA! I am planning on picking up another pair because I love them so much. The reason I love these jeans is because the material is soft, washes and wears well.

Now, over the years I have learned some tricks in making jeans last. I always wash my jeans inside out with like colors on a gentile cold cycle. I lay my jeans to dry. I HATE how crisp they get, but the elastic in skinny jeans does not hold up to the heat of the dryer. To help soften up the material after drying I shake the jeans a bit, and I fit them onto my arm and rub the material. It works out the stiffness in the fabric and makes them feel a but more worn-in. I have been so happy with the longevity of my jeans with this method. If you have any tips of tricks please feel free to share!

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4 thoughts on “Style Whiplash… Worn-out Skinny Jeans

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  2. These are really cute! I just bought a pair of distressed skinny jeans at Loft. I have a big butt and legs, compared to my waist size, so finding skinny jeans to fit me is a struggle. You seem to be ‘less curvy’ than me (I’m jealous!!) I’m debating ordering a pair of these target ones online, but do they fit true to size? The reviews on Target page are mixed, as far as sizing… I’m not sure what my size is in pants at Target. For the price, these are great!! Your blog is fun!


    • These do fit true to size for me. I wear a 2, and got a 2. I would say they fit curves great! Nice thing with Target they are happy to take back anything! I also think the dark wash in these are very flattering! Thank you for your comment! Appreciate your support Heather! Let me know if you get them!! And what you think!


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