Style Whiplash… 3 Nail Trends for 2015

Ah… Polish!! One of my most favorite accessories. I have always been a polish girl, and I think for most of us, it is probably our first item of make-up we try as a young girl (hey! even my baby brother loved to rock it!). For a long time I have been a huge fan of black polish. It is a great color and pairs with everything! I had been on a gel kick {here} but I kind of felt like I was ready for a change…

Trend One: No Polish Look


I went back to the basics. Wearing NO POLISH. I know, kinda weird to think of that as a trend… but hey in a world of color polish and gel manis it really is something DIFFERENT. So, today I did a basic manicure at home (my hands are wrecked from our bathroom remodel). I soaked my hands in warm water, and worked my cuticles back. Then used the 4 way buffer, and then washed and applied coconut oil to give my nails some moisture and shine. That was it. I love it, I don’t have to worry about chips, and giving my nails some time to recover my my mad polish days.

Trend Two: Barely There

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 2.39.22 PM

Now, if no polish just isn’t your thing because you need a little color, I have a great nude/ barely there option. My most favorite nude is Revlon’s “Grey Suede” (below). You can find this color at any retailer that sells Revlon Make-up. This is the only polish I have ever used the entire amount, and needed to re-buy. I think it is classic, timeless, and looks great on fingers and toes- and great for any season.

Trend Three: Abstract Lines


Last nail trend is a bit abstract and geometric. This idea popped into my head I think it is a really fun spin on polish. All you need i to take any color polish and use a thin paint brush (or you can get the nail decorating polish) and paint random lines on your nails. I think it looks super cool and modern and fashion forward. Also, you don’t have to really worry about dry time or chips with this cool design.

Polish Tip: If you are an impatient polisher (like myself) you NEED, I repeat NEED to go get Seche Vite. It is seriously a life changing product. It makes you manicure dry super fast plus it gives shine, and longevity. I like to reapply the topcoat about 3 days into my manicure, also. It can make my manicure last a solid week.

Enjoy xoxo,




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