Style Whiplash…Make-up Blender GIVEAWAY


Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite make-up tools: a beauty blender. I had purchased the “original” more expensive version from Sephora because of all they hype it was getting. I must say I really was impressed. When you use the beauty blender it really smooths out the face and gives that natural look, and it it super easy to use. (Simply wet under water, squeeze dry, and pat down with a towel- THAT’S IT). The downside was the price.  I mean $20.00 for a sponge? OUCH! So, during a recent trip to Marshall’s I stumbled on the Revive Beauty Blender. The price was a little more pocket friendly at $3.99! I figured, hey why not try it out? And, I really was impressed. The sponges are a bit different, but still gives the great flawless finish. I did find the Revive Brand {here}, if you cannot find one at your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I also wanted to give one of these handy little sponges away to one of YOU!

3 Ways to Enter:

1. You can enter you email below

2. Comment on Facebook, and tag a friend for a second entry

3. Comment on Instagram and tag a friend for a second entry

Easy!! I will announce the winner next Sunday! YAY!

Enjoy xoxo,



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