Style Whiplash… New Mexico Pie Company

Lets talk about some oh so stylish cookies! I wanted to feature some local talent just in time for Valentine’s Day.  New Mexico Pie Company is owned by the super talented Andrea Schulte.  From the Pink Velvet Sugar Cookie Hearts, Chocolate Strawberry Pie Tarts, Raspberry Linzer Tarts, Chocolate French Macarons and Chocolate Financier Tea Cakes; New Mexico Pie Company has you covered for Valentine’s Day.  These hand made sweets are so beautiful that they are almost too good to eat- ALMOST!

10723410_10205305811232159_304804661_nPhoto Credit: Emma Marie Photography

And, I have to mention:

New Mexico Pie always uses:

  • [They] always use unbleached, unbromated flours
  • [They] always use pure unsalted butter and cream cheese
  • [They] always use as many locally grown & produced ingredients as possible

New Mexico Pie never uses:

  • [They] never use hydrogenated shortening or margarine
  • [They] never use high fructose corn syrup
  • [They] never use artificial flavors
  • [They] never use trans-fats
  • [They] never use bleached or bromated flour

10962186_10205305811152157_886535207_nPhoto Credit: Emma Marie Photography

I cannot think of a better time to head over to New Mexico Pie Company… I mean Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

New Mexico Pie Company is taking orders NOW for Valentine’s  Day.  Valentine’s Day items come in artisan Sweetheart Boxes.  All cookies are made by hand.  There are two different sizes, a large box for $25 or a small for $12.

The boxes include:

-Pink Velvet Sugar Cookie Hearts

-Chocolate Strawberry Pie Tarts

-Raspberry Linzer Tarts

-Chocolate French Macarons

– Chocolate Financier Tea Cakes.

10965720_10205305811192158_815302670_nPhoto Credit: Emma Marie Photography

Now, only if you could taste these through the screen! Lucky for you… you can call today! All the information you need to contact New Mexico Pie Company is here. I hope this kicks off your Valentine’s Day right! Just imagine you and your sweetheart snuggled up enjoying these treats with a cup of tea. Does not get any more romantic!

Enjoy! xoxo,

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 2.09.16 PM



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