Fall Favorites 

Fall has to be one of my favorite times of the year. I love the smell of roasting chile, ristras, balloons flying high, pumpkins, and spice filled drinks. New Mexico has beyond perfect weather to enjoy this transitional season.  

Fall Favorites 

1. The Greek Fest 

If you love good food, sweets, music and entertainment this is a must see. The chicken dinner is delicious. I would also suggest trying the potatoes, and spanakopita. For dessert the Greek style donuts (loukoumades) are to die for. I also always have to get a Greek coffee! 

2. The Ballon Fiesta 

My favorite time to go is for the morning ascension. The sun rising and the balloons lifting off brings so much excitement! For food I like to get a famous Blakes burrito with an orange juice.  

3. Maze 

The Rio Grande Farms puts together different themes every year. This year they have the Color Maze. There are day events and night. We opted for going at night. It was a super fun! You get a lantern at the beginning and then scavenger hunt to find the different colors in the maze. It took us about 1 hour to complete. If you are interested in going for the night maze I would suggeugettinf there at 6:30/7 to enjoy the beautiful sunset.  

4. Pumpkin Everything  

Going to Trader Joe’s and getting pumpkin everything is always a good time. I am obsessed with the pumpkin cookie butter, yogurt, and the pumpkin body butter. 

5. Movies

Staying in and watching old scary movies is such a blast. On my list this year is Young Frankinstine and Bride of Frankinstine.  

What are your favorite things to do in the fall? 

Happy Fall! 


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