Keeping Warm and Looking Good

Turtlenecks are my JAM! I don’t know what it is about them, but I feel like some sort of superhero or spy. When you find a good fitting turtleneck you cannot keep that kind of information to yourself! I really like a tighter look to a turtleneck, and a nice stretch to the material. I found a perfect fitting and super comfortable turtleneck!! I like it that it has length, and the sleeves are long. It has stretch to the fabric that gives that “body suit” kind of look.  These will be perfect for all fall/winter. For the weekend they will look great paired with a pair of skinny jeans and boots. For work I can pair them with a vest or blazer to give it a more of a dressed up business look. I am super excited to add these to my wardrobe. They are very cool, and chic without having to look like you are “trying” to look cool and chic.

 I picked up two different styles: a striped turtleneck  in the olive; and a solid turtleneck  in black (I went with a size small for reference). I love all the color options and plan on picking up more!! 

I hope you stay warm this holiday season! 





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