Current Beauty Favs…And my daily routine

Keep it simple is my motto…I do not like a fussy make-up routine. My goal is to be DONE within 5-10 mins.

  1. Start off with a clean face. In the morning I use a water rinse. I have VERY sensitive skin, so I ONLY use cleanser once a day (I love Oxy Pads for night time… so high school teenager, right?).
  2. Moisturize!!! I have found my HG daily serum that I can use day an night. I am LIVING for this serum! I saw improvements within 3 days and it just seems to be getting BETTER. You can check it out here. It is a little on the pricy side, but it is one product that I can use day and night and be good to go…Like I said KEEP IT SIMPLE.
  3. After the serum soaks in I then apply a small about of the Pore Minimizer to my problem areas. You can check that out here.
  4. Next, I apply THE BEST FOUNDATION OF ALLLLLLLL TIME. Yes, let me say that again! THE BEST FOUNDATION OF ALLLLLLLL TIME! If you haven’t tried the Laneige BB Cushion you have not LIVED. I cannot say enough good things about it… I have gotten personal texts telling me that they could not believe how awesome this product is! So, yes, you NEED it.
  5. Conceal with the FIT ME where you need it. I use mostly to highlight under eyes and down the center of my face.
  6. Apply you favorite bronzer, blush, and mascara (I use different types/colors depending on my mood)… and you are DONE
  7. I refresh my skin with a face spray throughout the day. I love the Rose Water Spray. It can be found at any health food store.
  8. Oh, and I have a new favorite nude lippy! The Anastasia lipgloss in Butterscotch is a dream! I have fair/medium skin tone. You can check out Butterscotch and all their other colors here. They are super pigmented so I can use it as a lipstick/gloss. They are nice and creamy!

There you have it… all my current beauty favs! I hope you try them all, and love them as much as I do!

What is one item you REALLY want to try off this list?



Skin Care 

OMG I think I have FINALLY found my perfect skin care routine AND foundation. Total game changer guys! I was shopping at Target and decided to take a look at the skincare aisle.  I absolutely love trying new products whether it be make-up or skin care. Target recently started carrying a Korean Beauty Brand called Laneige. Two items caught my eye.  A 6 piece travel pack with a complete skin care routine, and a BB Cusion Foundation. Let me tell you guys…. Loves it!! 

The Laneige Hydration Trial Kit comes with:

-Multi Cleaner (super creamy and a little goes a long way)

-Power Essential Skin Toner (left my face feeling clean with out drying it out)

-Balancing Emulsion (perfect everyday moisturizer)

-Water Bank Serum (applied to my dry areas and really plumped up the skin with moisture) 

-Water Bank Moisture Cream (great of under eyes and for smile lines)

-Water Sleeping Mask (apply at night to wake up feeling dewy and fresh)

All 6 items I love!! Super excited to have found this line! It’s easy to use, smells good, and delivers that hydration I am searching for!

Now for the BB Cushion! This BB Cream is dewy, and fresh; making it my current obsession. Not only does it deliver great coverage but it stayed in place all day. I am so impressed! I also love that it has SPF 50! With summer around the corner I am going to be on the courts almost everyday, so I need protection! I also took pictures to see how it photographs and I was very pleased wih how it looked. I cannot wait to do my foundation tomorrow, because I am loving this BB Cushion Foundation. 

Both of these products are a MUST for anyone wanting to shake up their beauty routine. I absolutely think you will be as impressed as I am! I would love to hear what you think of the line and of the BB Cusion trend! 

Have a beautiful day!


Style Session

The Style:

This week’s style feature is one of my go to mixes for warmer weather. I love to combine looser tops with skinny jeans. This offers great balance to a look. Slip on wedge shoes are great because they offer height with out sacrificing comfort or style. I topped off the look with a leather bag, and club style sunnies. 

Shirt: Pacsun

Jeans: Target

Shoes: old-BCBG Wedges 

Handbag: Random TJ Maxx find

Sunnies: Lucky Brand

The Extras:

Lips-I love Buxom gloss for summer! It is minty, plumping, and is so hydrating. 

Face-I love finishing off my foundation with MAC Studio Fix powder. Really brightens my face.

Scent- Daisy is my forever scent. Nothing compares! And tip: get at Costco! Totally saves you cash!

Hope this style session gives you some inspiration! Have a beautiful day! 


Faerie Organic 

Over the past couple of years I have been making more of a effort to go greener and live a cleaner life. When it comes to food and cleaning products it is pretty easy to find a variety of options. Make-up on the other hand has been more of a challenge. Yes, there are some at Whole Foods and Target but I hadn’t found anything that made me go WOW. 


About 6 months ago a friend of mine suggested I try Faerie Organic. I purchased some samples on the site in medium. I was blown away by the product. It was at a great price point, plus it offered a variety of colors and products. I am so happy with this mineral make-up! I decided to get the airbrush finish, and well as the maximum finish. The airbrush offers a more dewy finish, and maximum offers a more matte. I like I can get different results for different looks. The blush I chose was Ballet Pink. I cannot say enough good things about this blush. I have never actually LOVED a blush until this one. It is a greatest soft baby pink. 

Faerie offers blushes, bronzers, highlighters,concealers, finishing powders, eyeshadows, liners, and lip products. They also carry an entire skin care line. My favorite is the finishing spray! 

If your like me and looking to try an organic alternative to make-up I would absolutely suggest trying out the sample pack. You get a great picture of the high quality Faerie brings.   

Workout Basics 

Fitness is so important to me. I am someone who feels so much better when I get up early and workout. Personally, working out from home works perfect for my schedule. It cuts down on travel time and a gym membership fee. And, best thing about no gym membership is that I can use that money for new workout gear! Because I workout from home I feel great in easy two piece outfits.  I love kickboxing and yoga. My go to kickboxing is Jillian Michales, and for yoga I love the Tone it Up girls. I also like the HIIT from their channel. They are all available on You Tube. Plus, you can but their workouts in disk or direct download.

Now, for the gear–

Above: all gear purchased at Marshalls. Pants: $12.99, Top: $12.99, and Kicks: $39.99

CC Cream: Ulta It’s Cosmetics.

I wish you all a happy and healthy new year!!

Ashley ❤️

I want mermaid hair! 

 I am not a nice person to my hair. I have serious hair ADD. It’s blonde, brunette, red.. . You get the point. Well, my last hair appointment I asked my awesome stylist- what is the one product that she couldn’t live without? She told me the Elixr Ultime–And she was RIGHT!!

You can find it here:

Kerastase Elixr
Or if your impatient head over to Waves Salon and get it, today!

What have I noticed?

Smells great

Didn’t make my hair greasy

Conditions my hair (less breakage)

Hair is soft and smooth

Less dry time

The list could go on and on…

I have been using this product for about 3 months and I am about 1/3 done with the bottle (this stuff lasts)!

So, if your looking for something to give you long and healthy hair you need this. I think every girl needs this product, hands down!! Here’s to me hoping this will help me get the mermaid hair I want!! Haha!



Style Whiplash… FAB Skincare (First Aide Beauty)

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 4.38.51 PM

I don’t know about every one, but these crazy shifts in weather have been wrecking havoc on my skin! Not to mention that tennis season has started up; which means wind…wind..oh and more wind. I decided to see if I could find some serious care for my dry, thirsty, and confused skin. I have SUPER sensitive skin, and it is often a diva when it comes to trying new things (oil, breakouts, etc). I jumped on the Sephora site to see if I could find anything that was specifically made for skin that was sensitive. I stumbled upon First Aide Beauty in the “skin kit” section. I read the details and reviews and decided this what what I wanted to try.

Top 3 reasons I picked First Aide Beauty:

1. Fragrance Free (most lotions drive me crazy when I have to smell them on my face)

2. Made With-Out:

– Parabens

– Sulfates

– Phthalates

3. The Price (at $30 for all 3 it seemed like an awesome deal)

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 4.39.01 PM

What it is formulated to do:

Cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate with this three-piece kit of FAB essentials in easy-to-tote sizes. The cleanser gently removes surface oils, makeup, and grime with a whipped texture that transforms into a luxurious cream when blended with water. The face pads contain lactic and glycolic acids for safe and effective daily renewal treatment that imparts radiant, glowing skin. The repair cream is a super-emollient formula with a spectacular whipped, non-greasy texture that treats severely dry skin—whatever the cause. It’s formulated with colloidal oatmeal, the only FDA-approved, over-the-counter ingredient for treating the symptoms of eczema.

This set contains:

– 28 Facial Radiance Pads
– 2 oz Face Cleanser
– 2 oz Ultra Repair Cream

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 4.38.39 PM

Research results:

Ultra Repair Cream:
– 169% immediate improvement in skin hydration
– 38% improvement in skin hydration after two weeks
– 79% preferred Ultra Repair Cream over other products
– 98% noted instant relief from dry skin
– 100% reported a lasting improvement in skin dryness

Here are my thoughts on First Aide Beauty:

Cleanser: Soft texture, with a pearly sheen. Feels great on skin- removed all my make-up, and oil (while hydrating)- WIN

Pads: Nice odor (alcohol-free), feels cool and gentile on the skin leaving it with a nice glow- WIN

Lotion- Silky smooth, moisturizing without feeling thick on skin. Improved dryness and overall skin smoothness- WIN

My skin feels super smooth and hydrated. I am very happy with my First Aide Beauty purchase. I cannot wait to wash my face in the morning and at night because of how smooth and soft it makes my skin feel. I think I have found a keeper!

Enjoy! xoxo

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 2.09.16 PM